Ep.1: Stop, Squash and Roll

With squash season in full effect, trouble with the twins, staffing issues at the Boiler Room, and a new cookbook overloading her plate, Vivian seeks motherly advice from Mrs. Scarlett and her sister Johna over a Southern classic: squash and onions. Despite nerves, Vivian plays it cool on camera, as Ben and all of Kinston anticipate her appearance on The Today Show.

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    Warren Brothers Farm

    3697 Brothers Road La Grange North Carolina 28551
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    Today Show

    1 Rockefeller Plaza New York New York 10020
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    Chef & the Farmer

    120 W. Gordon St Kinston North Carolina 28501
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    Kinston - Lenoir County Farmers Market

    100 Herritage Street Kinston NC 28501
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