Where's Vivian?


Keep this blog post handy...Vivian Howard is one busy chef these days! From speaking panels to fundraisers and her upcoming book tour, we want to make sure you have every possibility to see her in action. 
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October 21, 2016
Clinton, NC

WomenWhoInspire Conference 
Small Business Center at Sampson Community College
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM
(Tickets for this event will go on sale Monday, May 23, from 
10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Small Business Center gathering area, 
located in the North Building)
Contact SCC Small Business Center for more info about this event.


"Deep Run Roots" 

Food Truck-Book Tour

A note from Vivian Howard
After several years of cooking events at food festivals and in other people’s restaurants, I’m tired of looking for the blender. So fatigued by it in fact that the idea of working in unfamiliar kitchens night after night in the name of a cookbook tour gives me serious anxiety. That feeling coupled with a desire to feed people in an informal setting is why I’ve chosen to take my kitchen with me. 

For nine weeks this fall I’ll be traveling around the Southeast in a very large, very colorful food truck. My team and I will stop in more than 20 towns, light up the stove and cook up a Deep Run Roots inspired spread I plan on being proud of. We’ll have Tom Thumb, Shrimp Stew with Poached Eggs, Watermelon Pickles Wrapped in Bacon, Scarlett’s Chicken and Rice, Warm Banana Pudding, Pepsi and Peanut Ice Cream Floats and a whole lot more. Please join me (and my food truck) for what I promise will be a unique and delicious experience.

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