“Instantly Southern” Gets Home-cooked Meals on the Table in Half the Time


Sheri Castle has been writing cookbooks and teaching cooking classes for more than 20 years. You’ll recognize her from season three’s episode “A Casserole Says Plenty”  when Vivian exalts her as a “Southern food storyteller of the highest degree.” 

Sheri can spin a hilarious tale with comedic timing as sharp as a butcher’s cleaver, while simultaneously teaching you how to whisk a bechamel sauce for a classic casserole. It’s this type of easy storytelling tradition in Sheri’s lessons that makes you feel like you’re standing at the kitchen counter with a longtime friend or relative, picking up punchlines and recipes at the same time.

We have a good feeling that her new book, “Instantly Southern: 85 Southern Favorites for Your Pressure Cooker, Multicooker, and Instant Pot®,” is going to be a quick hit. The book is currently available for pre-order, and hits stands October 9.

Sheri’s got a knack for explaining techniques clearly and precisely. After reading the book, Vivian says, “If Sheri Castle gives me a kitchen tip, I take it seriously. She has completely convinced me that I can’t cook another day without my own Instant Pot.”

For the cookbook author, the opportunity to write this book also offered a way to get more folks in the kitchen. “It will help people to feel empowered to cook at home and that matters to me,” she says.

Sheri encourages multicooker first-timers to learn her techniques first, but to use them to make their own recipes. After testing and perfecting 85 recipes for the multicooker, she’s a firm believer that this revolutionary equipment makes solid, delicious home cooking.

“It’s not an alternative to cooking. It’s a way to cook,” says Sheri. “These pots are as big an innovation as the microwave, but unlike a microwave, you can easily prepare entire home-cooked meals in it.”

And the meals will be like anything you spend an entire Sunday afternoon cooking, but in half the time. Beans take an hour, tops, from start to finish. Kale is done in 90 seconds flat. “Which means you can really do it after work,” Sheri says.

Her recipes offer a range of Southern classics; think homestyle gumbo and quintessential shrimp and grits. You’ll also learn everything from browning and perfecting the most tender short ribs to making eggs all sorts of ways— even cooked in their shells! And, as you’ll see in our featured recipe, desserts in a multicooker are a game-changer.

Above all, Sheri wants everyone to feel excited about making their own food in a multicooker, with the accessibility to cook no matter where they are.

“A multicooker is great addition to a well-outfitted kitchen, but also for those who are away from a kitchen, such a studio apartment, extended-stay hotel, RV, dorm room, studio apartment, RV, or even a FEMA trailer,” says Sheri. “If they have a few simple grocery items and one power outlet, they can make great meals. And that’s a godsend.”

Pre-order the book at this link or pick one up at a bookstore Oct. 9.