“Instantly Southern” Gets Home-cooked Meals on the Table in Half the Time

Sheri Castle has been writing cookbooks and teaching cooking classes for more than 20 years. You’ll recognize her from season three’s episode “A Casserole Says Plenty”  when Vivian exalts her as a “Southern food storyteller of the highest degree.” Sheri can spin a hilarious tale with comedic timing as sharp as a butcher’s cleaver, whi

The History of North Carolina’s Cantaloupe Festival

Every second Saturday of July, the unincorporated town of Ridgeway hosts its annual Cantaloupe Festival. In its 10th year, the fest celebrates a deep history of growing a fruit that put the name of this Warren County crossroads on the menu at the country's finest restaurants and hotels, including New York's Waldorf Astoria.Ridgeway Historical Society vice-president Dan Bender says

How to Pick Your Melons (Hint: Leave it to the Farmer)

It’s always a bit tricky to call a farmer during the day, a person who will inevitably be busy either chugging along on a tractor or knee-deep in the weeds.But when we called our beloved farmer Warren Brothers one recent morning to bombard him with questions about watermelons, we found him just as cheerful as usual.“You caught me at the right time,” he says. “We were just out here thumping and looking at the curly Qs.” Watermelons are a favor

Some of Our Favorite Chefs Tell Us Where They Detour for Good Eats in Rural NC

If life is about the journey, then road trips are about the delicious pit stops. And for a state that stretches from the mountains to the coast, North Carolina has plenty of snacks and big meals to break up long drives. We asked a few of North Carolina’s favorite chefs where they stop for lunch on a big road trip, starting with Vivian.VIVIAN HOWARDof Chef and the Farmer

Vivian at Thrive NC

With its mission to highlight the bounty of flavor that North Carolina offers and to promote healthy communities, Thrive NC sold out its two-day festival in downtown Raleigh this year. On May 9 and 10, 50 restaurants from all across the region packed City Market, handing out hearty samples of their locally focused food. (The kitchen squad from Benny’s

PBS’s Family Pictures USA Has a Treat in Store for A Chef’s Life Fans

Warren and Lillie will appear in the Family Pictures USA premiere episode at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CT!On August 12, “Family Pictures USA” premieres on PBS. The show travels the country to dig into family photo albums, revealing more than just quirky hairdos and baby pictures. Thomas Allen Harris, host, director, and executive producer, is a venerated filmmaker whose lens of

Get the Recipe: Marinated Turnips with Orange and Pumpkin Seeds

As an October side dish, this recipe helps you get crafty with those leftover jack-o’-lantern seeds. Below is Vivian’s description and recipe from “Deep Run Roots,” plus a quick, easy way to roast fresh pumpkin seeds. In “Deep Run Roots,” Vivian wrote: Turnips and oranges bring out the best in each other in this salad that lightens the sometimes heavy combination of roots and greens. Make this bright version of the combo with baby turnips of any kind, but Harukeis are

You Know the Chef. Now Meet the Blogger!

For most fans of “Deep Run Roots,” quite a few recipes jump out as must-trys. Scarlett’s chicken and rice as a comfort food standby. Stewed tomatoes to preserve the last garden delights of summer. The entire sausage recipe chapter when feeding a crowd.But Allyssa Floyd’s passion for the tome of rural South cooking goes the extra mile. The Oklahoma native has already cooked 80 “Deep Run Roots” recipes